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Super Seven Quartz

Super Seven is a type of quartz with seven parts, The stone will have clear quartz, smokey quartz, amethyst, cocoxenite, goethite, hematite, and lepidicrosite. These minerals combine into one stone forming beautiful layers. The original find came from a farm outside the town of Fundoau, Espiritu Santo, Brazil. This site is not underwater, the owner of the land created a lake over the site. In the surrounding farms, there are many different mines, all digging for Aquamarine and Topaz. These other mines are of the same geologic formation, and have produced and variety of beautiful combinations of these minerals in various crystal forms. Very little of the original find is left, only a few cutters in Govenador Valadares, are still working with the original rough. It is difficult to purchase in the rough, the cutters will usually provide one piece of the rough with a parcel of cut stones, if you ask for a sample to show clients. But other than that all of the crystals you see are new production from the topaz and aquamarine mines. To me they feel the same and are really a please to work with the way they self cleanse, and they way they interact with all seven chakra helping them to balance. This is my understanding of this crystal from all of my trips to Brazil.