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Tangerose Quartz

Tangerose Quartz is a special quartz, found in the mines close to the town of Corinto, Brazil, and extending north and west into the Serra do Cabral mountains. The color is a mixture of orange and pink hematite. 

My experience from buying crystals in the area for many years now, is that there is a vast quartz library spanning from the Lemurian mining area in the Serra do Cabral mountains, west to Diamantina, this is almost 300 km. Most of the time its 10 to 30 meters below the surface. 

This whole area is mostly quartz, with some metals like hematite, rutile, anatase. The area is huge and while we talk about crystals being from one mine or the other, I feel its really all from the same library same seeding of crystals, and we are just touching different parts of the same formation. 

The area produces so many different record keepers, star markings, lemurian lines, markings like flowers, and many many others. The area has so much to share, and every few months a new pocket or vein is found and they are all a bit different.

So I believe all of the crystals we are talking about from Lemurians to starbrary quartz, are all part of the same library of seeded crystals.

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