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Green Quartz with Blue Adularia, Amphibole Inclusion, Actinolite and Riebeckite 06

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Here are some very interesting specimens of Quartz growing with Adularia found outside the town of Grow Mogul, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The quartz are colored green and yellow by inclusions of actinolite. The Adularia crystals are go from clear to blue and the blue is caused by inclusions of Riebeckite.

Actinolite and riebeckite are both in the Amphibole group.

These are sweet little specimens, very attractive close in person.

Energetically they hold a unique energy that interacts with the breath encouraging full breaths wonderful movement allowing the belly to fill followed by a full expansion of the rib cage. These full breaths really help to create movement in many quiet areas of the torso. This extra movement in the body was quite amazing in helping with the creative process. They are often called inspiration quartz in the metaphysical community.


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