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Zircon Crystal, Bi-Pyramidal Crystals, Twinned / Double Terminated, Goias, Brazil 06

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Here is a really superb zircon crystal. I was able to purchase a small lot of large zircon crystals in 2008, in MInas Gerais, Brazil.

The crystals were found in Goias State, Brazil. Normally these crystals are small, 1-5 mm, this was a rare pocket that produced crystals up to three inches.

The crystals have great form, double terminated bi-pyramidal crystals, that are twined and stacked and sometimes elongated.

These crystals are translucent, but do not pass light through the entire crystal. The color is kind of an orangy purple, and looks kind of maroon at a glance.

These crystal are very fine examples of a rare earth element crystal.

This crystal is 2 x 1.8 x 1.7 cm, while not the largest this crystal stands out for quality, amazing shape and super shiny. 

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